Monday, December 28, 2009

Piglet Moving

These are the first generation of pigs we have reared from scratch.

Two of them are weaners for a local family the other four are for fattening ourselves.

We moved them off their sows yesterday, this you may have heard if you are within 10 miles of us a touched piglet is a noisy and wriggly beast.

Apart from the trailer technique which would have chewed up the ground at the moment, the best technique we found was to insert piglet, hams first into an old paper feedsack and carry it with its head and front legs sticking out of the bag. This method met with grunts of approval ..... thankfully.

Needless to say when food is placed in front of pig or piglet all other memories are immediately forgotten hence the friendly greeting received this morning despite the pignominious moving technique yesterday.

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