Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Produce

We are about to get back our Christmas supply of Bacons and Hams from our Rare Breed Large Black Pigs. The pigs are reared outdoors in sheltered fields on the woodland edge.

We have always used Organic rations for pigs and they are now have a Soya Free Diet. Organic Oats from Cornwall, Organic Barley from East Anglia and Organic Peas from Europe, needless to say this is a huge reduction in food miles.

We will have available for delivery on 23rd December,
  • Smoked and Green Hams
  • Smoked and Green Collar and Shoulder Joints
  • Smoked and Green Rindless Streaky and Back Bacon
  • Suckling Pigs
Hams and Collar Joints are cut to order and vacuum packed. Sliced Bacon will be available in pack sizes of approximately 200g

All this Bacon has been hung, cured and cut at Philip Warren's of Launceston and smoked over Oak at Tregida Smokehouse. Both are companies we trust to deliver a superior piece of Ham for your Christmas Table.

Suckling pigs come in various sizes to order and are oven ready, try these for the most succulent pork and the crispiest crackling.

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Anonymous said...

pigs look great

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