Friday, March 27, 2009

Milking Devons

Been milking Heather a month now and been using her milk to make all manner of things and are now up to a gallon a day of creamy raw milk mostly off grass with a couple of handfuls of organic nuts for enticements.

Some of the women in the village have been passing on tips for clotted cream making, have also managed yogurt and the skimmed goes into making a really rich bread with a nutty crust. First attempt at butter has failed but we creamed some sugar in and made the cream into lemon cake .... it worked. The picture is of a batch of cream.

Not bad for a Devon first time calver believed by many to be a beef only breed. Some know them to be a multipurpose cow and to have very rich milk, which I have heard called "double gold top"

Problems though with Iggy the
"Milk thief" suckling two mums. He was caught in the act and now greets his second mum across 3 strands of electric fence styled after the border wires Steve McQueen tried to jump in the Great Escape. Hope this will be effective they did not like being split up and Heather, a willing accomplice in the matter has been watching "her" calf over the fence.

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