Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Arrivals

Its been a busy weekend!

Twin lambs born on Saturday one on the weaker side though both starting to thrive now they feedin more regularily. Major challenge for Devon and Cornwall Longwools is finding a teat, though mother ewe has been particularily attentive in keeping lambs out of the wind.

The pup is called Flint and is 1/4 bedlington terrier and 3/4 whippet. Be a while yet before he is assisting the pest control. This is him testing out his new home though he is currently living a more luxurious life until we get a thaw.


Ahh who would have guessed it.... Snow probably the first like this here in a number of years. Was only speaking a while ago about how the cold and snowy winters follow rainy years.

The benefit of being a fat and furry devon is that snow does not melt on your back tho not as well insulated as the sheep.

Nice January Day for 383

This is in-calf heifer known currently as 383 making the most of a January sunny day that hints of spring. She has a buddy called 386 which is a bit more devon than this one.

This also day saw me finishing a post hole in a t-shirt ......

... am ending this after a weather change!

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