Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Devon and Cornwall Longwools

Some of our sheep :) who do not fulfil both parts of the sheep pledge "escape or die" only performing the latter, touch wood we have not had a mortality yet.

Compared with the northern sheep we are used to these are better respecters of inclines and banks and pretty much stay put.

We have over the last few months found one of their flaws..... their propensity for getting rigged they especially like to do this on a bit of fresh grass. Best day so far has been seven inversions and crows have been circling for an eyeball at least once. The one front and right is affectionately known as suicide sheep, she gets rigged, righted, waits till your back is turned and then inverts herself again and lies there pathetically for assistance.

They are due to lamb end of January and we will be pleased if we get 10 good singles the odd twin will be a bonus.

Based on the price of fencing these should pay for themselves if we can get away with electric for now and improve the Cornish Hedges.

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